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Thixomolding is our core business

We have expanded our facilities to handle higher demand and added two new machines in 2015


We do everything from low volume prototyping to higher volume production
Thixomolding is a semi-solid (Thixotropic) molding process for magnesium somewhat analogous to plastic injection molding.

Magnesium chips are fed at ambient temperature into a heated barrel and propelled forward by a rotating screw.

The combined heat from resistance type heater bands and the shearing force provided by the rotating screw create a slurry of spheroidal solid particles within a molten matrix.

This slurry is forced into a pre-heated mold to produce high precision, ultra-thin wall net or near net shaped parts.

The process combines the benefits of die casting and plastic injection molding.
Thixomolding Advantages
  • Light Weight
  • High Ductility
  • Net /Near Net Shape Parts
  • Complex, High Precision, Ultra Thin-Walled Capability
  • Environmentally Friendly, Fully Recycleable
  • Low Porosity
  • Good Damping Characteristics
  • Superior Surface Finish
  • Inherent EMI Shielding for Electronic Applications
  • Stronger/Stiffer Than Plastics
  • High Tolerances
Thixomolding Equipment
  • JSW 270 MG Thixomold Machine
  • JSW 310 MG2e Thixomold Machine
  • JSW 720 MG Thixomold Machine
  • JSW 720 MG2e Thixomold Machine
Secondary Equipment
2 Multi Spindle Dedicated Machine Centers 4 Trim Presses
2 Sterlco Oil Heaters 2 Regloplas Oil Heaters
7 Axis Kawasaki Robot Advance SRL250 Sprayer
CMM Mitutoyo BRT 504 Advantage Water Process Chiller
Bridgeport BOSS DX-32 Browne & Sharp Surface Grinder
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Wireless Phones
  • Computer Components
  • Consumer Hardware
  • Sporting Goods

Main Phone: 888-481-9512

Bill Wilson-General Manager
Phone: 248-330-9040
Email: bill@mmpmg.com

Zach Lankton-Manufacturing Manager
Phone: 517-667-4516
Email: zach@mmpmg.com

Gavin McGraw-Controller
Email: gavin@mmpmg.com

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